Andrea Hurtado Fuentes
 I’m a third year Chemical Engineering student. I come from Nicaragua and I have been dancing Latin rhythms my whole life, mainly salsa and bachata. However, I only really got into learning the proper techniques when I came to UBC, through the Latin Dance Club. I’m excited for this upcoming year and all the opportunities to promote the close-knit dance community which is a characterizing trait of the Latin American culture.

Hope we all have an amazing year, welcome to the family!


     Yang Yongxin (Sasha)
     VP Finance/Treasurer

Hey there! I’m Sasha, the treasurer of the Latin Dance Club this year. I’m a third year Sauder student, and this is also my third year of dancing salsa. I love the passion of salsa, and it makes me feel confident both while dancing and in my daily life. I hope you new dancers can feel the passion as I do. Welcome to the LDC family!

     Bodour Imseeh
     VP Marketing

Hi there! I’m a second year Speech Sciences student. I come from Jordan where dance is less than popular. I came to UBC hoping to find a place that can nurture my love for dance, and LDC has done just so. I am very excited to experience with you this warm, family-like and spicy dance club.


     Nicola Caprirolo
     VP Internal

My name is Nicola Caprirolo, I’m currently a rising junior studying Political Science and Economics. I’m a descendent of Bolivian and Italian parents but was born in Virginia, USA. Some of my hobbies are playing sports, music, reading, and learning from new cultures. I initially joined LDC to learn how to groove to new Latin rhythms with top vancouver professionals, but stayed because of the irreplaceable connections I made among it all.