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Sebastian Molnar – Salsa On1
PA191708_edit_02Born and raised in Toronto, Sebastian developed a strong interest in Latin music over many years before discovering his Salsa dance addiction in the year 2000. A year later he moved to Vancouver and discovered a very popular Salsa scene here, eventually studying the dance from a variety of both local and international instructors. In 2003, he joined the dance team “Salsa Obsessions”, performing at numerous events, including the Vancouver Salsa Congress (2004) and the LA Salsa Congress (2004). Since then he has performed with several other dance teams, and eventually founded his own performance group: “Salsa Kapow”. For over ten years, Sebastian has been an invited guest instructor/performer for numerous private functions, dance programs, salsa events both locally and internationally (e.g. Japan). Sebastian has a keen interest towards combining musicality with footwork/body motion and intricate partnerwork, within the social dance. Sebastian has been teaching salsa classes with the LDC for over five years, and is excited to continue sharing his dance knowledge and passion with his students!
Pooya Ronagh & Madihah Asif- Bachata
Pooya and MadiPooya and Madi were trained in Latin dance schools of Bachata Vancouver and Bravo Dance Company prior to receiving the privilege of directorship of Alma Vancouver. They train under the world Champions Sergio Jasso & Gaby Equiz-Jasso and bring their fabulous choreographies and unique style of dancing to Vancouver.